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Privacy Policy

Dance teachers who register to be listed on the DTOL listings pages ("DTOL members") submit the details for their listing and consent to that information being shown on DTOL's listings pages. They also choose whether they wish to receive DTOL's regular Members' Newsletters and they wish to receive 'third party' emails sent to our members, from time to time, on behalf of advertisers (these always relate to products/services for dance teachers).

The data is stored in a database and is never provided to other organisations or individuals.

Members can view the details stored by DTOL at any time by checking their listing on the relevant country/state listings page.

Members are provided with login details to enable them to access their Member Record, where they edit their listings data and their email consents. In the regular (generally fortnightly) newsletter emails, members are shown a link to their listings page, the login details for their Member Page and a statement of their email consents.

When sending third party emails on behalf of advertisers, the advertisers do not have access to the members' data.

From their Member Page, a member can delete their listing and their database record. Provided they have an active email address, they receive a confirmation of the deletion.

There is no time limit to DTOL's retention of a member's data and its display on the listings pages. But, at any time, a member can delete their listing through their Member Page or they can request the listing and data be deleted.

Dance teachers/schools can register details for listings on the Dance Teacher Jobs, Dance Teachers Looking for Work, Summer Camps and Dance Events pages on the DTOL web site. In each case, the listing is time-limited, either by the time limit selected or by the event closing date. The data submitted is shown on the relevant listings page and stored in the DTOL database for the duration and for a short (typically two months) period of time after the expiry of the listing (in order to renew the listing if required).

last updated on 1 December 2018

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