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Dance Teachers looking for work

Looking for work as a dance teacher? Post your résumé and advertise your services here with DTOL. It's free and only takes a minute.

Current jobseekers in Greece, Kuwait and United Kingdom.

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yui ming emily wong

United Kingdom



I've been a dance teacher since 2013, teaching mainly RAD ballet, ISTD modern, contemporary dance and creative movement. I can teach both syllabus or free work, from little ones all the way up to adult learners.

Angelic Dance




I am a Swiss/belarussian dance teacher , diploma 2011 and since then I have worked in dance schools and entertainment companies where I teach dance for younger children 2-12 years old and lead dance activities.

I am based in Athens Greece and is looking to expand my work contact and new job opportunities.

Kind regards

Mari Rose

Kuwait City, Kuwait, Kuwait



Greetings ,

I’m Mari  ,

Graduated Armenian State Pedagogical University 
Holding Diploma / Bachelor Degree  
Faculty : Art of dance 
Profession : Dance Pedagogy / Teacher 
Specialized : Classical Ballet &  Ballet  ‘’Vaganova Method” Modern & Contemporary dance
 Studied in Russia ,Georgia & Vilnius
Aerial dancer (7years)
Teaching - Classical ballet, modern, contemporary, barre trainings ,aerial dance ,
Planning class lessons , preparing children for exams, choreographing ,create performance for concerts & shows (hair ,makeup ,styling stage costumes) 
Experienced with different camps & school field trips .
Have (+8Y teaching ) experience with 3-16+ adults 
Worked in Armenia /Tbilisi / Lithuania .

Currently working in Kuwait.
Position: Head of dance/ classical ballet & contemporary/ modern dance instructor.

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