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Dance Teachers looking for work

Looking for work as a dance teacher? Post your résumé and advertise your services here with DTOL. It's free and only takes a minute.

Current jobseekers in Belarus, Philippines, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

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Oleksandra Khozarova




I'm a professional artist and dancer with over 20 years experience. I have been dancing since childhood. I've participated in many dance competitions. About 5 years i worked with Beijing entertainment company, as a dancer and artist for Chinese TV.
I'm offering Online Dance Classses:
- Reggaeton
- Afrobeat
- Urban Hip hop
- Heels dance
- Hip hop tabata ( dancing fitness program)

Amelia Cunliffe

Swansea, County, United Kingdom



Looking for a position abroad teaching ISTD ballet and OR RAD ballet. Longterm. Minimum of two years. Laine Theatre Arts Diploma, can teach tap , modern jazz and musical theatre also.
Accomodation needs to be included and ideally I want to travel with my faithful house cat.

Jen Rusiayeva

Minsk, Belarus



I can offer Online Personal/Group Training Sessions:
* Classic Ballet Training ( all ages)

* Therapeutic and recovery classic Ballet training ( Alternative)

* Individually tailored lessons across various types and styles 

* Mentoring and guiding during the process of preparation for dance/acting competition, entering college/dance school

* Developing professionalism on a stage: self-presentation, attitude, acting, confidence

* Couple/group dance routines orientated on your abilities (wedding/party performance)

* Recovery training after injuries

* Training based on yoga exercises

* Dance therapy

* Body-ballet

* Stretching

* Modern dance 

* Jazz-dance

Jolas Cruz

Manila, philippines, Philippines

0919 779 1552


Dedicated choreographer who can work with dancers and actors of all ages and experience levels. Adept at organizing live performances helping to integrate costumes and props into a performance and developing routines quickly. Specializes in large theater productions and demonstrations done in public areas.

Kanika Pangan

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines



Ballet teacher at Ballet Dance Academy (2nd floor Ilano Bldg.2, Nueno Avenue, Imus, Cavite)

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