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Advertise your dance products or services with DTOL

Dance Teachers On-Line's advertising rates are extremely good value and, compared with print advertising, highly targeted.

Banner advertising opportunities are available on the DTOL listings pages and the Dance Teacher Jobs page.

The listings pages are visited by students (and their parents) and adults looking for dance classes but also by teachers. Advertise your dance wear, shoes, DVDs, etc. to this captive market (6,000-7,000 page hits monthly). Banner ads are displayed in random sequence.

The Dance teacher jobs page is visited primarily by dance teachers themselves and so is ideally suited to those advertising class music, teacher insurance, franchise opportunities, training courses, conferences and much more (1,500-2,500 page hits monthly). Banner ads are displayed on a rotating basis.

SPECIAL OFFER: try a banner ad for 2 months for just £30, to see whether this works for you!

Sponsor one of Dance Teachers On-Line's email newsletters

The DTOL Members' Newsletter is emailed fortnightly to over 3,500 dance teachers worldwide. It's also posted on the DTOL web site. You can see what a sponsored newsletter looks like at www.dtol.biz/news595.htm, www.dtol.biz/news590.htm and www.dtol.biz/news589.htm. The cost of sponsoring one issue of the newsletter is £45.00, payable by PayPal. There are discounts for multiple issues.

Exclusive advertising emails

DTOL will send your advertising to more than 3,500 dance teachers worldwide at very reasonable rates - or just to dance teachers in selected countries. The cost is £45.00 to around 1,500 UK dance teachers; £90.00 for 3,500+ worldwide. Again multiple issue discounts.

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